The 5th Edition of the EU-China Relations Seminar at the University of Salerno

da | Set 26, 2018 | Asia, Europa, Primo Piano

On Friday 28, 2018, will take place, at the venue of prestigious University of Salerno, the 5th Edition of the EU-China Relations, co-organized by the EU-China Economics and Politics Institute (Prague and Brussels) and the Italian university.

Under the high patronage of the European Parliament, the Seminar is part of the academic activities of the EU-China Economics and Politics Institute aiming to invite international scholars, officers, and policy-makers to discuss on the most relevant topics connected to EU-China relations. The new edition of the Seminar reaches Italy thanks to the international cooperation agreement signed between the Institute and the Department of Law of the University of Salerno.

This year’s edition, subtitled ““EU: an united front pro or con the One Belt One Initiative?” will be focused on the topic of the “One Belt One Road Initiative”: this wide China-led project will be discussed under the political, legal, cultural, and economic profiles in order the understand the position of the European Union. The topics that will be faced will range from the technical effects of OBOR from new trade and competition policies, to how Brexit affected EU policies towards China.

The following Professors will answer to such questions: Francesco Fasolino (UNISA), Cheng Yu Chin (EU-China EPI), Colomba La Ragione (UniPegaso), Marco Ferretti, and Giuliano Luongo. The latter, Acting Director of the EU-China Economics and Politics Institute and coordinator of the initiative, is very satisfied by this Italian cooperation because “it is perfectly in line wit the mission of the Institute, which consists in encouraging, improving, and empowering the relations between Europe and China in the sectors of research and education”.

The event, that will take place from 9.00 AM at the University of Salerno (132, via Giovanni Paolo II, Fisciano – SA) will have English as official language, with translation for the Chinese speakers representing the South China University of Technology.